In Amateur Signing Bonuses Negotiated in the last 10 years.

We know talent
when we see it

Meister Sports has been extremely successful at managing the draft process for young players. Our expertise is in our unique ability to spot Major League Talent early on.

In the last 14 years, we have represented 70 players in the MLB Draft. Of those players, 30 were top 100 picks, including 13 first-round selections.

Even better, of those players, 31 have reached the Major Leagues!

Given that it takes some time for players to reach the Majors, we expect our most recent crop of draftees to increase that number.


First Round Draft Pick

MLB Service Time

Hall of Fame


2020 Bobby Miller Los Angeles Dodgers (29th)
2020 Ben Hernandez Kansas City Royals (41st)
2019 Tony Locey St. Louis Cardinals (96th)
  2018 Jonathan India Cincinnati Reds (5th)
2018 Hogan Harris Oakland Athletics (85th)
2017 Dylan Busby Pittsburgh Pirates (88th)
  2016 Eric Lauer San Diego Padres (25th)
  2016 Cody Sedlock Baltimore Orioles (27th)
  2016 Anfernee Grier Arizona Diamondbacks (39th)
  2016 Ronnie Dawson Houston Astors (61st) 
  2016 Cole Stobbe Philadelphia Phillies (78th)
2016 Blake Tiberi NY Mets (100th)
2015 Nolan Watson Kansas City Royals (33rd)
  2015 Desmond Lindsay NY Mets (55th Overall) *Mets First Overall Selection
2014  Eric Skoglund  Kansas City Royals (92nd)
2013 Dace Kime Cleveland Indians (79th)
  2013 Tucker Neuhaus  Milwaukee Brewers (72nd)
  2013 Jeff Thompson Detroit Tigers (94th)
  2011 Andrew Chafin AZ Diamondbacks (43rd)
2011 Nick Ahmed Atlanta Braves (85th)
  2010 Kolbrin Vitek Boston Red Sox (20th)
  2009 Josh Phegley Chicago White Sox (38th)
2009 David Holmberg Chicago White Sox (71st)
2009 Chris Dominguez San Francisco Giants (86th)
2008 Johnny Giavotella Kansas City Royals (49th)
2007 Ben Revere Minnesota Twins (28th)
2007 James Adkins Los Angeles Dodgers (39th)
2007 Cory Luebke San Diego Padres (63rd)
2006 Chad Rodgers Atlanta Braves (100th)
2006 Joe Smith New York Mets (94th)
  2004 Mike Ferris St. Louis Cardinals (60th)
  2003 Javier Herrera Cleveland Indians (48th)
  2003 Thomas Pauly Cincinnati Reds (53rd)
2003 Jaime D’Antona Arizona Diamondbacks (66th)
  2002 Eric Thomas Milwaukee Brewers (79th)
2001 Neal Cotts Chicago White Sox (69th)
  2001 John Van Benschoten Pittsburgh Pirates (8th)
  2001 Brad Hennessey San Francisco Giants (21st)
2001 Chris Smith Baltimore Orioles (7th)
2001 Chris Burke Houston Astros (10th)
  2001 Wyatt Allen Chicago White Sox (39th)
2001 Shelley Duncan New York Y ankees (62nd)
2001 Kirk Saarloos Houston Astros (82nd)
2000 Mark Phillips San Diego Padres (9th)
2000 Chris Young Pittsburgh Pirates (85th)
1999 Cory Myers Arizona Diamondbacks (4th)
1999 Kyle Snyder Kansas City Royals (7th)
1999 Casey Daigle Arizona Diamondbacks (31st)
1999 Chris Duncan St. Louis Cardinals (46th)
1998 Nate Bump San Francisco Giants (25th)
1997 Aaron Cook Colorado Rockies (70th)
1997 Jason Grabowski Texas Rangers (74th)
  1997 Jason Henry New York Yankees (84th)
1996 Travis Lee Minnesota Twins (2nd)
1994 McKay Christiansen California Angels (6th)
1994 C.J. Nitkowski Cincinnati Reds (9th)
1994 Mike Metcalfe Los Angeles Dodgers (74th)
1992 Mike Matthews Cleveland Indians (40th)
1991 Joe Vitiello Kansas City (7th)
1990 Brian Williams Houston Astros (31st)
1989 Jeff Juden Houston Astros (12th)
1989 Brent Mayne Kansas City Royals (13th)
1989 Denny Neagle Minnesota Twins (85th)
1986 Jeff Shaw Cleveland Indians (1st) January Phase
1986 Patrick Lennon Seattle Mariners (8th)
1986 Luis Alicea St. Louis Cardinals (23rd)
1986 Doug Brocail San Diego Padres (12th) January phase
1985 Barry Larkin Cincinnati Reds (5th)
1985 Randy Johnson Montreal Expos (35th)
1984 Mike Dunne St. Louis Cardinals (7th)
  1983 Oddibe McDowell Minnesota Twins (1st) January phase
1983 Stanley Jefferson New York Mets (20th)
1983 Jim Lindeman St. Louis Cardinals (24th)

2020 Draft Choices - Clients

Bobby Miller (Louisville) 1st Round, 29th Los Angeles Dodgers
Ben Hernandez (HS Illinois) 2nd Round Kansas City Royals

2019 Draft Choices - Clients

Tony Locey (Georgia) 3rd Round St. Louis Cardinals
Mike McAvene (Louisville) 3rd Round Chicago Cubs

2018 Draft Choices - Clients

Jonathan India (Florida) 1st Round, 5th Cincinnati Reds
Hogan Harris (Louisiana Lafayette) 3rd Round Oakland Athletics
Nick Fortes (Ole Miss) 4th Round Miami Marlins
Thad Ward (Georgia) 5th Round Boston Red Sox

2017 Draft Choices - Clients

Dylan Busby (Florida State) 3rd Round Pittsburgh Pirates

2016 Draft Choices - Clients

Eric Lauer (Kent State) 1st Round, 25th San Diego Padres
Cody Sedlock (Illinois) 1st Round 27th Baltimore Orioles
Anfernee Grier (Auburn)  1st Round 39th Arizona Diamondbacks
  Ronnie Dawson (Ohio State) 2nd Round Houston Astros
  Cole Stobbe (HS Nebraska) 3rd Round Philadelphia Phillies
  Blake Tiberi (Louisville) 3rd Round NY Mets

2015 Draft Choices - Clients

Nolan Watson (HS Indiana) 1st Round, 33rd Kansas City Royals
  Desmond Lindsay (HS-Florida) 2nd Round 1st Selection NY Mets
  Kevin Duchene (Illinois) 5th Round Oakland A’s
  Ka'ai Tom (Kentucky) 5th Round Cleveland Indians

2014 Draft Choices - Clients

  Zach Thompson (UT Arlington) 5th Round Chicago White Sox
  Eric Skoglund (Central Florida) 3rd Round Kansas City Royals
  Harrison Musgrave (West Va.)  8th Round Colorado Rockies
  Erik Swanson (Iowa Western CC) 8th Round Texas Rangers

2013 Draft Choices - Clients

  Tucker Neuhaus (HS-Florida) 2nd Round

Milwaukee Brewers

  Jeff Thompson (Louisville) 3rd Round Detroit Tigers
  Dace Kime (Louisville) 3rd Round Cleveland Indians
Ben Lively (Central Florida)  3rd Round Cincinnati Reds
  Ryan Horstman (St. Johns) 4th Round Seattle Mariners
  Omar Garcia (Miami Dade) 6th Round Milwaukee Brewers

2012 Draft Choices - Clients

  Jonathan Sandfort (HS_Florida) 3rd Round

Pittsburgh Pirates

Matt Koch (Louisville) 3rd Round NY Mets
Chris Taylor (Virginia)   5th Round Seatlle Mariners
  Joe Hudson (Notre Dame)  5th Round Cincinnati Reds
  Andrew Pullin (HS_Washington) 6th Round Philadelphia Phillies

2011 Draft Choices - Clients

Korbin Vitek (Ball State) 1st Round 20th Boston Red Sox
Andrew Chafin (Kent State) 1st Round, 43rd AZ Diamondbacks
Nick Ahmed (Univ. of Connecticut) 2nd Round Atlanta Braves
  Trent Howard (Central Michigan) 7th Round Baltimore Orioles
  Nick Martini (Kansas State) 7th Round St. Louis Cardinals
  Steven Gruver (Tennessee) 7th Round Minnesota Twins
  Derek Law (Miami Dade) 9th Round San Francisco Giants
Tyler Wilson (Virginia) 9th Round Baltimore Orioles
Jake Cave (H.S., Virginia) $890,000 New York Yankees
  Shawon Dunston, Jr. (H.S., Calif.) $1,365,000 Chicago Cubs

2010 Draft Choices - Clients

Phil Gosselin (Virginia) 5th Round Atlanta Braves

2009 Draft Choices - Clients

Josh Phegley (Indiana) 1st Round, 33rd Chicago White Sox
David Holmberg (Port Charlotte HS) 2nd Round Chicago White Sox
Chris Dominguez (Univ. of Louisville) 3rd Round San Francisco Giants
  Jason Stidham ( Florida State) 8th Round St. Louis Cardinals
  Robert Whitenack (SUNI) 8th Round Chicago Cubs

2008 Draft Choices - Clients

Johnny Giovatella (Univ. of New Orleans) 2nd Round Kansas City Royals
  JonMichael Redding (Fla. Comm. College) 5th Round Los Angeles Dodgers
  Rick Zagone (Univ. of Missouri) 6th Round Baltimore Orioles
J.B. Shuck (Ohio State) 6th Round Houston Astros
  B.J. Hermsen (W. Delaware HS) 6th Round Minnesota Twins
Scott Barnes (St. John’s University) 8th Round San Francisco Giants
Nick Buss (USC) 8th Round Los Angeles Dodgers

2007 Draft Choices - Clients

Ben Revere (Lexington Catholic HS, KY) 1st Round, 28th Minnesota Twins
James Adkins (Tennessee) 1st Round, 39th Los Angeles Dodgers
Cory Luebke (Ohio State) 1st Round, 63rd San Diego Padres
Eric Niesen (Wake Forest) 3rd Round New York Mets
Alan Farina (Clemson) 3rd Round Toronto Blue Jays
  Jonathan Holt (University of Tampa) 5th Round Cleveland Indians
  Tyrell Worthington (Greenville HS, NC) 5th Round Arizona Diamondbacks
Matt Angle (Ohio State) 7th Round Baltimore Orioles