Meister Sports Management is an established practice in labor and employment relations, concentrating in the representation of professional athletes and broadcast-related entities and personalities. In the representation of professional athletes, Meister Sports Management has negotiated over 500 player contracts and prepared over 100 baseball salary arbitration cases to the tune of more than $1.5 Billion.

Over the course of 30 years in the Sports Representation Industry we’ve represented All-Stars, Hall of Famers, Cy Young, Roberto Clemente, and Rolaids Relief Award winners, MVP’s, Silver Sluggers, World Series Champions, World Series MVP’s and Gold Glovers. We represent approximately 25 current major league players. Our retired clientele includes:

  • 5 time Cy Young Award winner and Hall of Famer Randy Johnson
  • 12 Time All Star, NL MVP and Hall of Famer Barry Larkin
  • Five Time All Star, NL MVP and Hall of Famer Larry Walker
  • World Series MVP Edgar Renteria
  • Knuckleballer, Roberto Clemente Award Winner, and 200 game winner Tim Wakefield
  • NL MVP and 7 Time All Star Dave Parker
  • Three Time All Star and Red Sox Hero Kevin Youkilis
  • Five Time All Star and multiple World Series champion Paul O'Neill
  • Six Time All Star and longtime player and Manager Buddy Bell


We recently negotiated long-term contracts for:

Today Meister Sports Management has over $300,000,000 in contracts under management.

A number of these deals have been recognized as the shrewdest free agent signings
in each of the years they were negotiated, and we have prepared and presented numerous
arbitration cases over the past 20 years without losing a single case at hearing.
Meister Sports has a sterling reputation in the industry often being contacted by other agencies to consult on their arbitration cases because of our expertise.

Power Players

In recent years and over the course of our history, we have worked on a number of landmark free agent contracts

Hall of Famer
Randy Johnson

Over $200,000,000 In career earnings

Hall of Famer
Larry Walker

Over $80,000,000 in career earnings

Hall of Famer
Barry Larkin

Over $70,000,000 in career earnings

Edgar Renteria

$100,000,000 in career earnings

Brian Giles

Over $80,000,000 in salaries across 15 Major League campaigns

Denny Neagle

$70,000,000 in career earnings

Tim Wakefield

$65,000,000 in career earnings

Paul O'Neill

$50,000,000 in career earnings

Kevin Youkilis

Over $60,000,000 in salaries across his 10-year career

Kyle Farnsworth

$40,000,000 in career earnings